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marți, 29 iunie 2010

Louis Vuitton - Monogram Vernis ALMA PM ( Size 38.5 cm x 28.5 cm x 18.5 ) - PRET 225 EURO

Inspired by the shape invented in the 30s by Gaston Vuitton, the Alma is a classic of the LV House. Hand held, this bag is covered with Monogram Vernis leather and is closed with a padlock.
Effortlessly stylish, the Alma is a more compact version of one of LV’s iconic designs. Looking marvellously elegant in shiny Monogram Vernis leather, it’s still an ideal size for everyday use.

Inspirata de forma inventata de Gaston Vuitton in anii 1930 de ani Alma este acum un clasic al casei de moda "Louis Vuitton".Această geantă de mână eleganta din piele Monogram Vernis se încheie cu un fermoar dublu. Prezintă un buzunar interior si un buzunar pentru telefon.
Aratand exceptional de eleganta, datorita pielii Monogram Vernis, este ideala pentru a fi purtata zilnic.

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